In spring of 2011, I built a larger and improved farm stand, and from there we really started to establish a clientele around our fresh produce and nursery plants.  With each year, I took more and more of the responsibility for the success of our farm stand.  My mother, as the legal owner of the business at the time, would keep all the books and take care of the financial end of things, while I was more involved in managing the growing and retailing operation.  We worked closely together, and she and my sister were always helping to get planting and harvesting done during peak season.  

     We learned a lot from trial and error, and we were constantly discussing and looking for ways to refine our goal as a family farm.  My parents have always supported our individual interests through our growing up years, and my mom especially spent many countless hours helping me develop a business which I could some day take on as my own.  It was an invaluable experience to work together to solve problems and work through difficulties.

     As of 2016, I am the owner of Fruitful Farm & Nursery.  Having made the transition to full responsibility for the business, I will be focusing exclusively on expanding the farm as a plant nursery, leaving aside growing produce at this time.  I am confident that this decision will improve the sustainability of our small family business for the long term.   We are still an expanding operation, with additional greenhouse and retail space yet to be constructed and set up.  Going forward, I'm thrilled to bring more variety and repertoire to Fruitful Farm & Nursery, and I look forward to continue serving our loyal customers with exceptional quality plant material and friendly, professional service for years to come.

     Thank you for your patronage!


Aaron Hall

Owner - Fruitful Farm & Nursery


               About Fruitful Farm & Nursery - Arlington, WA

     In the spring of 2003, our family moved to the beautiful 10 acres we now call Fruitful Farm.  Having sat vacant for several years, there was much work to be done on the property and buildings.  Fencing, mowing, roofing, foundation work on the barn, flooring, painting, and many more projects were the focus of our effort for the first few years.  As we settled in to our new place, my older brother Isaac developed a keen interest in old tractors.  When he was 16, he received a Farmall H tractor as a gift for his high school graduation.  Wanting a productive way to use his new machine, he began cultivating a large section of ground to grow pumpkins, winter squash, strawberries, cucumbers, beans and corn.  His plan was to wholesale produce to local grocers and set up a roadside stand in the summer to sell produce along the highway.  At the same time, inspired and nurtured by our neighbor Cheryl, of Arney Farm Nursery, I had begun to grow and start propagating plants.  I remember how excited I was when my dad helped me setup my first real greenhouse. I began setting my plants out to sell at Isaac's self-serve produce stand, and that was the beginning of Fruitful Farm & Nursery.

     A year later, Isaac went to work at a local dairy farm, and as a result, didn't have as much time to devote to growing his market garden.  My younger sister, our mother and I began filling in where Isaac left off, and the three of us continued to grow the small roadside market.  I also kept growing and selling my plants as well.  At 14,  I had a real dream of someday owning and operating a nursery and working full time as a grower and retailer.

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